• The Four Pillars of Commission Schemes

    When designing your recruitment agency rewards programme, there are four areas you absolutely have to get right. Let’s find out more.

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  • Mastering Rewards Programs: Strategy, Roles, and Behaviours

    Keeping recruitment consultants motivated can be challenging, but a well-designed rewards programme drives the desired behaviours to achieve business success.

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  • The 10 Commandments of Commission and Rewards, by Carl

    I've probably seen more commission plans, rewards schemes and incentives in the recruitment space than any other human! This has led to the collection of some (hopefully) useful tips in this area.

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  • KONQUEST IS A GO! A short mission summary

    Nearly a year ago I embarked on a new venture, Konquest, and as the first version of the platform goes live with our Beta customers, I thought it a good time to put something out there explaining exactly what we’re doing.

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